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Single Barrel Bourbons at Buy Rite!

Mon, Aug 29, 22

Single Barrel Bourbons at Buy Rite!

Step Up to Single-Barrel Bourbon

Unique limited-production single-barrel bourbon for the connoisseur.

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Bourbon has emerged over the past decade as one of the most exciting spirits on the market, with a wide array of styles and unique products. Whether it is a small batch, a limited release, a higher proof, or a special barrel finish, each offers bourbon aficionados new ways to explore their favorite whiskies!

To make it even more exciting, many producers are offering their top customers the chance to taste, and purchase, individual barrels of Bourbon before they are cross blended to a uniform result. This allows small nuances to shine on the pallet and nose, as the effect of the barrel is undiluted on the whisky.

Here are 3 unique and distinct single-barrel bourbons hand selected by our team of whisky experts, available exclusively at Buy Rite:

Old Forester Single-Barrel 124.4 proof – $74.99 on Sale!

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Established in 1870, Old Forester is a bottled bourbon pioneer. It was one of the few distilleries allowed to produce whiskey through Prohibition (and the only one of those still in production today). They were also the first distillery to double barrel their bourbon. This cask strength bourbon has aromas of toffee, maple syrup and red cherries on the nose. Rich mocha notes explode on the palate, with a bold nutty finish and subtle hints of spice and fruit.Maker Mark Private Select Private Barrel – $59.99 on Sale!

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This is cask strength Maker’s Mark bourbon is then finished with a select combination of 10 wood finishing staves, providing a huge array of flavor combinations. Our barrel has chocolate and caramel on the nose, with a hint of coffee, roast nuts, and baking spices. On the palate there is more of the same, with a layer of dark fruits, cinnamon and cloves with a hint of oak char.Jefferson’s Ocean Wheated Bourbon – $74.99 on Sale!

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Wheat replaces rye in a Wheated Bourbon, resulting in a softer, sweeter bourbon. Jefferson’s Ocean Wheated Bourbon barrels are then aged at sea where the constant rocking of the ocean increases the amount of contact between the barrel and the whiskey. It is sublime and subtle on the nose, with butterscotch and vanilla shifting to caramel and bright oak notes. The first sip yields a burst of oak layered with clove and pepper before diving into burnt caramel and a finish of allspice, pecan and a kiss of cinnamon. Find a location near you.